Are you ready for recruitment in 2018?

21 Dec Are you ready for recruitment in 2018?

2017 saw a great deal of change in the world of work. From the rise of funky office spaces; to increased workplace flexibility; and the growing mindfulness movement that calls for employees to slow down and de-stress; it’s plain to see that the rigidity of the 9-5 is changing. So what does 2018 have on the horizon? We’ve taken a look at 2018 to do the research for you in terms of what you can expect from the world of work. There are a number of innovative new changes around the corner, and we’ve picked the top three that are most likely to affect you in the new year.

  1. Make the Gig Economy work for you

The Gig Economy is everywhere – from ordering presents off Amazon, to dining with Deliveroo, and getting an Uber to the office Christmas party – we interact with it every day. Which means that in 2018, gig work may be the type of employment for you. With more people fitting work around other commitments such as family, freelancing, volunteering and other tasks – it’s time to take back some time for yourself.

To achieve this, do your research, shop around, and most of all, know your rights. Gig work is an opportunity, so make sure it fits with your lifestyle and other commitments – and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

  1. Harness technology

There are countless technologies that could be standing in the way of whether or not you get that next job. AI candidate screening, augmented reality and/or virtual reality may all have a say in your next job application [1]. So expect to see more technological innovations in the new year, with many companies investing in tech that allows recruiters and companies to better assess preferences, values and influences of potential employees. To make yourself stand out, get savvy with the newest technology to make your application shine.

  1. Get Engaged

To get the most out of the world of work in 2018, be your own motivator. Engagement is what drives you at work and what makes you feel motivated and focused on your tasks. Through setting your own goals; regularly checking in with what you want through your work; and taking regular breaks; you can own your engagement on the job and work smarter. Even better, this will improve your own job satisfaction and hone your passion.

Ultimately, you are your best asset on the job, so it’s worth looking at next year’s workplace and recruitment trends to get to the heart of a dynamic and engaged workplace. The world of work and recruitment is constantly changing and evolving, so get savvy with these topics to have a head-start for 2018.