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05 Jul

Access the Triple Bottom Line with Heartonomics

At FuturePeople, we have developed a unique model that demonstrates the relationship amongst greater employee engagement, higher customer advocacy and enhanced bottom line performance. Heartonomics™ refers to the economic value that genuine human connection represents in a business. It’s based on the principle that engaged...

05 Jul

Are your people having engaging conversations?

To leverage deeper engagement across your organisation, it’s crucial to understand how EI plays out in your workplace. In order to do this, you need to gain firsthand knowledge of both employee engagement and customer engagement levels and drivers in your organisation. This enables EI interventions...

07 Jun

Enhance Employee and Customer Engagement

Enhance Customer Engagement with Emotional Intelligence Smart organisations recognize that engaging customers with emotional intelligence is the key to enhanced performance and profits We all know that the best leaders are high in EQ. But what about the role of EI in customer engagement? The rise...