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06 Sep

Attachment Styles and Leadership

Attachment Theory has been long used to explain personal relationships, but has been largely overlooked in the workplace arena. The individual differences amongst people in an applied workplace setting have the capacity to determine various styles of leadership, trust, job satisfaction, performance and other job...

02 Aug

Recruit for EI to Enable Diversity

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” Stephen Covey   Diversity is a hot topic in the business community, especially as the need for innovation increases. Whilst the value of recruiting for diversity is clear, creating the culture for diversity to flourish in requires a change to the...

02 Aug

Investing in Team Leader EQ as a Critical Competency

Leaders with high Emotional Intelligence (EI) engage employees. Our latest research (download now) highlights the importance of team leader EQ as a critical competency in harnessing and driving employee engagement and better performance. Our research indicates a direct correlation between the EI scores of leaders and...