How to win customer trust across multiple channels

05 Mar How to win customer trust across multiple channels

In any customer interaction, the way you communicate – including tone of voice, mannerisms and gestures – can make or break customer loyalty. To truly ‘wow’ your customers and ensure they feel listened to, it’s important to think about your communication style.  

Ask yourself: are you consistently polite, positive and helpful across every channel? Do you know how to adapt your communication style according to the particular channel – e.g. phone, online chat, and in person?  

In order to build trust and credibility with your customers across any channel, follow these five important tips.  

1. Be patient and understanding. Always be patient and understanding in your words and actions. This will help to build empathy and ensure the customer feels valued. The customer will also be reassured that they are talking to a human being with human emotions, not a machine. By demonstrating patience and understanding, you will deliver more meaningful engagement and a higher quality of service to the customer, enticing them to return.     

2. Ensure you have the customer’s interests at heart. Always offer the customer a solution that’s in their best interests. Be open and honest, and never propose something that you know won’t deliver what the customer is looking for. Customers don’t want a product or solution that only comes close to meeting their needs. Be truthful, and let the customer decide if the proposed solution will work for them. This will create a relationship grounded in trust. 

3. Keep your promises. Many front line employees find it difficult to say no to the customer – but sometimes you just have to let the customer down gently. You don’t want to offer something you know isn’t possible, because you will end up with a very dissatisfied customer! If you make a promise, keep it. You must follow through on what you say, and deliver the service at the agreed-upon time.    

4. Small talk works wonders. It’s important to remember that customers want to do business with people, not companies. Small talk is a great technique for building rapport with customers. So be personable, ask questions, throw in a joke or two, and show genuine interest in the customer. After all, customers want to be treated as people too!  

5. Be consistent and build trust. In a hypercompetitive environment, customer trust is not unconditional. Trust has also gone beyond a one-off interaction. To build customer loyalty and trust, you need to be consistent in your words and deeds. Long-term trust is formed through habitual engagement. When a customer feels truly valued by their customer service officer (you), they will form an attachment to you and return to time and time again. Thanks to your great service, the customer may even become a loyal brand advocate.