Develop the Emotional Fitness of your people

12 Apr Develop the Emotional Fitness of your people

In the digital age, organisations are increasingly relying on technology to automate transactional tasks. Meanwhile, customers are demanding human ‘touch points’ when the limits of self-service have been reached. There is an expectation that the person in the store or on the other end of the phone is a highly skilled, emotionally intelligent person.

To deliver a highly personalised customer experience, employees need to be Emotionally Fit to engage in emotional labour. So what is Emotional Fitness?

Emotional Fitness is the new corporate competency for success

Any role that requires emotional labour, leading people and interacting with customers requires this Emotional Fitness.

Emotional Fitness refers to an individual’s ability to ‘bounce back’ emotionally and adapt to difficult situations. It’s about important ‘self-skills’ like self-awareness, self-control and empathy for others.

When employees are equipped with these skills, they are better able to cope with the emotional demands of their roles. They are also more engaged, work cohesively with others and deliver a more personalised customer experience.

Nurture tomorrow’s leaders from the top down

Employees also need leaders who can connect them to purpose, engage them as individuals and help them realise their potential. The leaders of tomorrow cannot reach their peak performance without authentic, supportive and encouraging role-models who instil trust and confidence.

That’s why Emotional Fitness skills among both employees and their leaders are integral to building a loyal customer base. The best organisations today are recruiting for and training employees and leaders in the emotional competencies that really matter – i.e. the ability to deliver positive experiences to customers, who in turn become loyal brand advocates and boost business success.

Are you serious about developing the Emotional Fitness of your people?

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