Want flexibility at work? Here’s how to earn it…

01 Jun Want flexibility at work? Here’s how to earn it…

As more people become educated on the benefits of having and being part of a flexible workforce, organisations are adapting and adopting a more flexible approach to work.

And while there are many organisations that are willing to offer flexibility from the outset, others are more likely to offer it once you have been part of the team for a while.

If you’re looking for flexibility at work, here are three tips on how to earn it…

1. Build trust

Earn the trust of your team and manager. Flexibility is a privilege, not a right and is something that should be earned through experience, maturity, and trust. An employee who can demonstrate that they can get the job done without constraints of time and location is more likely to have flexibility granted.

2. Have the right attitude

Flexible work arrangements are a two-way street. There will be times a business needs its staff to be available and on site. Having a flexible attitude yourself will go a long way in proving yourself to the business.

3. Target organisations with a reputation for flexibility

If you’re after a flexible working arrangement from the outset, target organisations that have built a reputation for offering flexible working conditions. Research the company you’re interested in, and if you can speak to current and past employees. This will give you a sense of what the culture of the organisation is and if it aligns with your values.

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