Enhance your performance with the right mindset

08 Sep Enhance your performance with the right mindset

Mindset affects everything you do. Every decision and action we make stems from the mindset we are in at the time. Mindset also determines the way we navigate challenges and opportunities, both at work and in life.

According to Stanford Professor and author, Carol Dweck, there are two basic types of mindsets that impact a person’s performance and productivity day-to-day. They are:

  1. A fixed mindset. Set qualities, skills, talents, and capabilities. A reluctance to think outside the box and learn new skills.
  2. A growth mindset. A set of qualities and skills that can be honed through application and experience. Success comes as a result of effort, learning, and persistence.

To be truly present in the moment and apply yourself to the task at hand, you need to prepare yourself to switch mind frames. A growth mindset means you are able to adapt your way of thinking to suit a particular context, enabling you to succeed and perform at your best.

Researcher and academic, Dr. Adam Fraser, describes the process of mental preparation as ‘The Third Space’, or “The moment of transition between one role or task to another.”

“Our life is spent rapidly transitioning between different roles and environments, each requiring us to be different things to different people. My research is showing that we’re struggling to be this adaptable,” he explains in an introductory video about The Third Space (you can watch this here.

“In terms of happiness, balance, and performance, it’s not what we do, it’s what we do in between what we do that really matters.”

So how can you leverage this transitional gap between tasks to show up with a growth mindset? Here are our 3 top tips.

  1. Have an open mind. A personal growth mindset allows you to not only take on new challenges but actively seek them out. To achieve a personal growth mindset, all you really require is an open mind, a desire to try new things, and commitment to improving your performance.
  2. Reflect, rest, reset. One of the biggest challenges we face in the modern world is encountering an upsetting problem at work, and then bringing a negative mindset home. A great way to avoid this is to allow yourself time to reflect, rest and reset as you transition from work to home. Find a strategy that works for you, whether it’s a walk through the park to clear your mind, doing a yoga class, talking to a friend or reading a book.
  3. Focus on the journey rather than the destination. To focus your mind and emotions on being your best, it’s key to mentally focus on the present. If you are grounded in the moment, setbacks will rarely faze you. You will know that just by completing day-to-day tasks, you are learning and growing in leaps and bounds. Focus on the journey, not the destination, and you will be able to show up with positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviour in any situation.