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11 May

Strategic HR…. it’s emotional

As HR leaders navigate the significant changes occurring to job roles, organisational form and workforce structure, at the same time the pressure is on to deliver strategic value to the organisation as part of the customer value chain. Strategic HR involves deploying talent strategies that enable...

08 May

Enhance your Emotional Fitness

Do you feel stressed and anxious at work? Do you struggle to juggle responsibilities in the workplace with your social life, family commitments and relationships? If the answer is yes, you're not alone. A 2014 study by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) found that for 2...

18 Apr

Getting ‘fit’ right for Industry 4.0

Today’s business world is constantly changing, evolving and growing. As technology becomes increasingly integrated into the workplace and more and more tasks are automated, it’s fundamental that HR managers get ‘fit’ right among their perspective – and current – employees. So what is ‘fit’, and how...

12 Apr

How to survive the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

With new technology reshaping the business landscape, skills such as Emotional Fitness should be your priority. Many people believe that Australia is on the cusp of another industrial revolution. The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, as it is being called, is heralding a period where technology is proving...