12 Mar

Customer Service Tips

If Mother Teresa were a customer service agent… She’d definitely know she was on the front line. After all, you’re the first person a customer ‘meets’ – even if it’s on the phone. In fact, someone who’s satisfied with their contact centre experience is a whopping 174%...

12 Mar

Creating laughter at work

Did you know the average four-year-old laughs 300 times a day, and a 40-year-old only four? Depressing huh? While this statistic can’t be conclusively verified, we do know one thing for sure: kids laugh heaps more than we do. We also know that our laugh quota is...

12 Mar

Three tips to reducing stress at work

Working in a contact centre can be pretty stressful right? Often referred to as the silent killer, stress can have a whole bunch of nasty side effects that can impact your health, your work, your relationships and even your sleep habits! So want to know the good...