Want to progress your career as a millennial? You need a mentor

14 Jun Want to progress your career as a millennial? You need a mentor

Whether it be goals to climb the corporate ladder or attend more networking events, having a mentor is an invaluable way to help millennials navigate the changing and at times murky job market.

Accepting mentoring can have wide ranging benefits that can propel the careers of young professionals into overdrive.

While skillset is important, the adage ‘it’s who you know’, remains applicable for millennials who are moving into a less traditional workforce, known as the gig economy.

And as the rise of the gig economy continues to play out, having a mentor can be extremely beneficial as they help encourage and support mentees in their careers.

Here are three ways accepting mentorship will help millennials flourish in their careers;

1. Develop knowledge and skills: Mentors have been there and done that. They are in tune with the skillset requirements of the industry mentees are trying to get into and have knowledge on what skills are needed for professional growth. A deeper understanding of one’s professional skills will help millennial workers pinpoint gaps in knowledge and a mentor can put mentees on the right track to acquire additional necessary skills.

2. Gain ‘unspoken’ knowledge and insights: Often, mentors offer valuable insights on an industry or role that the mentee wouldn’t have otherwise known. Handy tips, tricks of the trade or shortcuts can make all the difference to millennials securing that next desired gig. These valuable insights can help the mentee get ahead in their chosen field, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to stand out in the fast-changing workforce.

3. Grow your network: As well as offering meaningful career advice, a mentor will introduce mentees to invaluable industry contacts, giving them the opportunity to network. Having a well-established network can help build important relationships that may just lead to the next career-enhancing opportunity.

Mentoring partnerships are more often than not mutually beneficial and rewarding, from both a professional and personal standpoint. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to reach out to an inspiring career figure to kick start a purposeful mentoring program.