Stand out with Emotional Fitness

31 May Stand out with Emotional Fitness

To differentiate in the highly competitive business world, smart organisations are putting more emphasis on the way they make people feel. What’s more, today’s need for constant innovation has created an agenda for change, requiring higher levels of emotional engagement from employees.

It is therefore fundamental to business success that leaders recruit people with the propensity to be engaged, the capability to perform and the motivation to strive. These people have a new type of corporate competency known as Emotional Fitness.

An employee’s Emotional Fitness determines how resilient they are in dealing with emotional challenges and adapting to change. Any role that involves emotional labour, leadership and interaction with others requires Emotional Fitness.

Why recruit for Emotional Fitness?

Engagement starts on the frontline, with team members who personalise the customer experience and who, with each interaction, send customers away as raving fans.

The best organisations are recruiting for and developing Emotional Fitness among their people. Employees with high Emotional Fitness are better equipped to read people, adjust their communication style, and form strong relationships with others – both customers and colleagues.

By recruiting for Emotional Fitness, leaders can ensure they have a highly engaged frontline, with people who show up with the right mindset, tailor interactions to each customer and deliver higher performance.

Build a high-performance culture with Emotional Fitness

Just as people can improve physical fitness by training, both employees and leaders can learn Emotional Fitness skills to enhance their ability to manage stress, navigate change, overcome challenges and thrive at work.

For employees on the frontline to connect meaningfully with customers, they need team leaders who coach them with confidence, clarity and empathy. It’s important for leaders to be Emotionally Fit because they play a crucial role in connecting their people to a sense of purpose at work.

To capitalise on this untapped opportunity, forward-thinking organisations are teaching both employees and leaders how to get engaged in their roles and with customers on an emotional level. From the top down, ensuring that Emotional Fitness is high on the agenda is the baseline for business success and a catalyst for innovation.

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A version of this article first appeared on CEO Magazine.