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13 Feb

Do you have an innovation mindset?

In 2018, the next wave of technology, disruption and heightened competition will place pressure on professionals to demonstrate innovative thinking and ingenuity. In fact, from an employer’s perspective, demonstrating these qualities might just determine whether you get hired for the job. So what exactly is innovation?...

18 Jan

How Emotionally Fit Are You?

In 2018, the new formula for career success is emotional. More specifically, Emotional Fitness. Emotional Fitness is a key capability that helps you connect emotionally and empathise with others, building the foundations for strong relationships in the workplace. It’s a skillset that helps you collaborate well...

08 Aug

Selling is just a conversation

Many of our candidates panic when they hear that a role involves “sales”, automatically thinking of intense, hard, pushy sales. Yes, there are environments where such sales are necessary, but a lot of our clients have now combined the service and sales roles into one....