Are you navigating some unchartered territory in the organisation?

14 Jun Are you navigating some unchartered territory in the organisation?

To help you unpack the complex new workplace landscape, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you better recruit for the challenges and opportunities presented in today’s talent environments.

1. Hungry for opportunity

There’s a need to create opportunities for both new talent and internal talent. At our recent Recruitment Trends Report Roundtable event in Melbourne there was a strong consensus about the importance of offering continued growth opportunities in the workplace – and that means at both the nurturing and onboarding levels.

2. Searching for meaning 

Young employees, ie Millennials, have a strong desire to derive meaning from their work like no other talent group before. Leaders should focus on how to deliver the aspects that make employment meaningful throughout all stages of the life cycle.

3. Gig-ability at the forefront

Employees are searching for flexibility. The gig economy is picking up pace, and companies will be negatively impacted if they don’t develop a structured framework to accommodate role and job flexibility.

4. It’s not all about the hard skills

Emotional and social intelligence skills have been identified as some of the most valuable skills needed for the future. As machines take over processing tasks, human capital can shift to doing more meaningful work. A balance between soft and hard skills needs to be the focus of recruitment in the future.

5. Mental health awareness

One-third of Australian employees are living with mental illness, and this aspect of recruitment and talent management should be approached with an empathetic and compassionate lens whilst balancing commercial imperatives.