Driving engagement. Delivering results.

At FuturePeople, we drive extraordinary engagement with your customers to impact your  bottom line. With more than a decade of experience and knowledge of the services industry, we are leaders that recruit, develop and engage front line workforces with Emotional Intelligence (EI) at the forefront.

We’re engagement experts, driving customer and employee engagement on the front line. Get engaged– become extraordinary.

We’re about extraordinary engagement. Our Heartonomics™ methodology is people-centric and grounded in Emotional Intelligence (EI). We help you get highly engaged employees on the front line, powered by emotional intelligence, creating loyal brand advocates of your cusomters

It’s all about ‘fit’. Getting ‘fit’ right in recruitment, by utilising technology to select talent who have the right type of emotional intelligence to engage your customers and propensity to be engaged in your culture. Enhancing the emotional fitness of your front line by leveraging technology to develop the emotional intelligence required for thrive in industry 4.0.


Heartonomics™ is about the economic value of how we make people feel; our employees and customers. It’s about how engagement boosts profitability for an organisation. Top performing organisations make the link between higher customer advocacy, greater profits and employee engagement.

Outstanding customer engagement is driven by motivated, engaged and emotionally intelligent employees, who strive to innovate and impress.

When people and customer engagement strategies are aligned, organisations can access the ‘triple bottom line’ ; higher profits resulting from greater customer advocacy, employee productivity and revenue growth. That’s where our mantra comes into play. It’s simple, yet clear– ‘Get engaged and become extraordinary’.

At FuturePeople, we’re experts in knowing what it takes to achieve extraordinary engagement with customers through employees. We help organisations identify, develop and engage high performing talent for your front line. We focus on a specific type of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which is grounded in ground-breaking scientific research.

As a long term partner to Australia’s leading organisations, with a slew of awards behind us, we’re proven.

Get engaged with us. Gain Emotional Intelligence. Become extraordinary.

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