Leaders in extraordinary engagement

At FuturePeople, we’re experts in knowing what it takes to achieve extraordinary engagement. It starts with recruiting for Emotional Intelligence (EI), developing the Emotional Fitness of your people and engaging them with the organisation’s purpose.

We’ve got the best and brightest minds collectively to help you drive enhanced performance and customer engagement through your people. We’re emotionally intelligent, business-savvy, and grounded in a unique people-centric yet scientific approach.

Our team is highly engaged, passionate and motivated, with an in-depth knowledge of the industries we work in. We bring strategic insights and practical front line skills to our clients, ensuring you are extraordinarily engaged throughout the process.

Led by Linda Simonsen, CEO and Founder of FuturePeople, our visionary leadership team has deep experience in driving customer engagement through people, to enhance performance. Our Values of Respect, Accountability and Pride underpin our unique organisational culture and the way we interact internally and externally.

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Chief Executive Officer


National Client Delivery Manager