Extraordinary Engagement

Our philosophy has been developed and refined over the last 14 years. It’s a guiding foundation for all that we do and the way we engage with our people, customers and partners.

The FuturePeople Philosophy

    1. Engagement is at the heart of organisational success
      Organisations with engaged employees have 44% higher employee retention, 50% higher productivity and 56% higher customer loyalty, which goes straight to the bottom line. Our Heartonomics™ methodology places people at the heart of organisational strategy: engaged employees + engaged customers = enhanced performance.
    2. The key to customer loyalty is people on the front line
      Investing in front line employees will enhance customer advocacy and loyalty. While technology can automate transactional customer service tasks, the most successful organisations invest in getting highly engaged and emotionally intelligent people on their front line – people who can connect with customers and solve problems through a ‘human touch’.
    3. A special type of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ‘Secret Sauce’
      The key to success in the digital economy is the ability to connect and collaborate with others, and have strong emotional self-management to navigate change in an agile way. Industry 4.0 requires a special type of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to ‘bounce back’ from challenges and deliver tailored solutions to customers.
    4. Emotional Fitness is the key to extraordinary engagement
      Emotional Fitness is a set of learned EI skills that enables employees to be resilient, navigate change and connect well with colleagues and customers in a way that builds positive relationships. Emotional Fitness is the new competency for people to thrive in industry 4.0.
    5. It all starts with getting ‘fit’ right
      Only 20% of employees are highly engaged at work and 40% of Australian organisations are not meeting performance targets. Getting ‘fit’ right in the recruitment process is the key to engagement and performance. ‘Psychological Fit’ with role, team, organisational culture and leader is essential to employee engagement and business success.