Making extraordinary engagement happen

The digital economy has seen the rise of the customer, which has forced many companies into a period of transformation. Companies have had to challenge business models and fundamentally change the way they engage with their people and customers. The focus is now on delivering consistently great customer experiences and creating loyal and strong brand advocates that do the selling for you.

The answer? Extraordinary engagement.

In 2002, FuturePeople CEO and Founder, Linda Simonsen, recognised that the frontline staff in the services sector played a key role in organisational success, contributing significantly to an organisation’s customer engagement levels, and overall business performance.

Since then, FuturePeople has evolved to become a trusted engagement specialist. We’re driving deeper employee and customer engagement through a people‑centric approach. Our world-class methodology Heartonomics™ unites employee and customer engagement strategies, to deepen relationships and enhance performance. Through our research we’ve identified a special type of  Emotional Intelligence (EI) as the secret weapon to get ahead. Recruiting for EI and developing the EI of front line employees and managers, enhances employee engagement, customer experience and overall productivity. Motivated, engaged and inspired employees deliver memorable brand experiences resulting in greater customer loyalty and ultimately an enhanced bottom line.