Can Big Data improve your chances of landing that golden job?

23 Nov Can Big Data improve your chances of landing that golden job?

Big Data has become an integral part of recruitment processes and the idea can seem concerning. Who’s looking at your Facebook profile to judge the things you like? Who’s watching your Twitter conversations? Who’s found that one embarrassing photo from when you were 10?

Indeed, before you find out about the amazing things Big Data can do for you, it can seem a little daunting. But rest assured, Big Data is here to help candidates. Companies turn to Big Data in recruitment to navigate an increasingly a candidate-driven market.

With a job market in which candidates far outnumber positions, Big Data offers a competitive edge. Here are three ways that Big Data serves you.

  1. Endorsements

Big Data improves processes and places candidates in positions they need to help improve systems – think of Big Data as a recommendation service. It helps managers visualise and process candidates in a way that Is not dependent on you putting in the effort to guess at the keywords a company might use in their resume analysis. With companies like Google starting to recognise that candidates’ formal qualifications do not guarantee their suitability, candidates can thank Big Data for putting them in front of the right potential employer.

  1. Context

A strong resume is short and sweet – a two-page summary if you want to push the boundaries. But what triumph is summed up in a sentence? What job fits in to a little dot point? What about the unquantifiable things you achieve? Big Data is your opportunity to show companies that you are more than your resume and that you are the right person in spirit, personality and character for the team. The process is streamlined to help organisations make the right decisions – a better functioning company means a well-functioning team for you to be a part of.

  1. Happiness

According to a RiseSmart study, a significant portion of employees (84%) would happily abandon ship and move to a different company with a strong reputation, even without the draw of a pay rise [1]. In this candidate-driven market, the word of a like-minded staff member carries a lot of weight for candidates in choosing companies. With the ability to leave reviews on previous employers on sites like Glassdoor, Big Data keeps companies in check. It reviews the content available and guides companies into becoming the brand they need to be to get the talent they want. In other words, Big Data makes sure that the company you want to work for will actually prove a stimulating environment to be in.

Big Data has a multitude of uses, for both companies and candidates, and impact all Human Resources areas from predictive hiring to workforce management. Despite still being in its infancy, it has already begun revolutionising the recruitment sector.

Yes, it has the power to decide careers and yes, it does mean that more information about you is accessible – but Big Data is here to help you reach your dreams.