Will you be the ‘Super-Agent’ of the future?

09 Apr Will you be the ‘Super-Agent’ of the future?

Do you enjoy working with people, are a team player, and have strong communication skills? You may have some of the hallmarks of being a Super-Agent – the customer service agent of the future who is Emotionally Intelligent, resilient and self-aware, and highly sought-after by recruitment professionals.  

Why? These remarkable individuals are able to build rapport with customers easily and are able to predict and influence customer interaction, which makes for a high-level customer experience, driving sales and repeat business. 

FuturePeople’s Recruitment Trends Report 2017/2018 found that Emotional Intelligence and social skills in employees is crucial for effective leadership, people engagement and customer-centricity. Further, in any organisation, people with high EI are essential for fostering innovation and collaboration [1]. As Emotional Intelligence or EI can be learned, becoming a Super-Agent means being the best customer service agent you can be, through focusing on a number of specific interpersonal attributes. 

With that in mind, what can you do to implement Emotional Intelligence practices, and improve your Emotional Fitness? Here are 5 competencies that you can focus on to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence: 

1. Self-awareness 

A person with a good sense of self-awareness is someone who is mindful and present at all times. Similarly, they have the ability to check in with themselves and understand their own thoughts and actions while also understanding the potential impact of these on others.

2. Self-regulation 

Further, an Emotionally Intelligent individual is able to direct their own emotions and knows how to express them in appropriate ways. Keeping your head when things get heated and asserting oneself when necessary are ideal forms of self-regulation, and necessary for customer-facing roles which can create dynamic and unpredictable situations. 

3. Empathy 

We’ve covered internal thoughts and feelings but being compassionate and considering situations from another person’s perspective is just as important. Empathy makes for thoughtful individuals that can respond in an authentic way to grievances, and genuinely care when dealing with customers and staff. 

4. Motivation 

Being your own motivator and showing initiative is key in working autonomously and in a team. Self-starters contribute to an engaging and fun workplace while also providing excellence in customer service through being proactive and not letting shortfalls get in the way of their goals.  

5. Resilience  

Change is inevitable in any workplace, so being adaptable, able to negotiate and bounce back from difficulty are all standout qualities for a potential employee. 

Together, these attributes lead to high level social skills and Emotional Intelligence – the foundation of excellence in customer service – and being a true Super-Agent. 

Employers know that individuals with high Emotional Intelligence make great team players, flexible workers, and outstanding communicators. In this way, you can hone your Emotional Intelligence skills to super-charge your career. 

For more information on how to be the Super-Agent of the future, keep an eye out for FuturePeople’s post-event insights. We also encourage you to participate in our new and exclusive Emotional Fitness programme. Contact us today to be a part of this free opportunity.


[1] https://futurepeople.com.au/recruitment-trends-report-20172018/