How Emotional Intelligence is a diversity asset in the workplace

27 Sep How Emotional Intelligence is a diversity asset in the workplace

Emotional intelligence (EI) is seen as a highly valuable candidate asset. EI enhances a person’s ability to engage customers and colleagues, contribute to a collaborative culture and show greater awareness of how others are feeling. It is, therefore, top of mind for employers to recruit for EI in order to achieve greater levels of diversity in the workplace.

Diversity is a key part of any modern business. It allows a workplace to access a broad range of talent, drive differences to introduce innovative ways of thinking, and reflect the demographics of their customer base.

As a strategy for enabling diversity, organisations are shifting their focus from technical competencies to emotional competencies during the recruitment process. In doing so, it is increasingly important for candidates to present high levels of EI.

So, do you show signs of being emotional intelligence? Are you a candidate who is emotionally intelligent and has greater self-awareness, awareness of others, shows empathy and respect, invests more in interpersonal relationships and values collaborative working.

Someone with high EI is also more resilient and productive, can ‘bounce back’ after difficult situations with a customer or colleague at work, and are also capable of understanding the emotions of their team members, acknowledging characteristics of healthy attitudes and actions of other individuals.

Here are a few questions to consider for measuring your own level of EI:

  1. Do you understand why you feel the way you do and how it shows up in your behaviour?
  2. Can you shift your mood from negative to positive to make the most of the work day?
  3. Do you know how to adjust your style to influence different personality types?
  4. Can you bounce back from set-backs and move on quickly?
  5. Can you control your emotions so you don’t do anything you regret?

The more you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, the more you have reached a good level of Emotional Fitness. If you scored a few ‘no’ answers, there are ways to grow your EI. Check out 5 competencies that you can focus on to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence here.

Recruiters are looking for candidates that display high levels of EI. One way to improve your attractiveness to potential employers is to continuously nurture this self-ability. Be sure to keep checking out the FuturePeople blog site for new tips and insights every month!