Future-Proof Business Practices for 2018

21 Dec Future-Proof Business Practices for 2018

Emerging recruitment trends are reverberating around the globe, with technology, marketing and cyber security making waves worldwide.

That’s why Bowen Eldrige Recruitment recently canvassed recruitment leaders around the world for their thoughts on 2018 Recruitment Trends. Linda Simonsen, CEO of FuturePeople, was able to comment on the current state of play for recruitment leaders and agitators of best practice and employee engagement in the workplace.

Social media was discussed at length for its merits and potential challenges in reviewing talent, as was the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the hiring process. Remarkably, this has lead to such organisations as Unilever in hiring its “most diverse class to date” through technological screening processes such as potential employees playing neuroscience-based games and answering questions.

That such innovations are also leading to diversity is a big win for organisations wanting inclusive and emotionally intelligent people. Linda adds that future-ready businesses can also tap into candidate journey mapping, leveraging Big Data and predictive analytics to ascertain an employee’s future tenure and performance.

As Bowen Eldrige is based in the UK, an item of critical importance for them was the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which will be implemented in May 2018. This new regulation in the UK will replace existing Data Protection Laws and standardise rules across the UK and EU in terms of data compliance. This will have a worldwide affect – as all recruiters who store data on UK job applicants will need to do so within the same legal frameworks.

Of this, Linda says: “Where GDPR is concerned, recruiters need to be proactive and up their data protection game to not be overtaken by the rest of the world, or slapped with a million-dollar fine. For recruiters, this will mean becoming agile and learning how to become savvy with compliance and storing client data before regulation comes into effect.”

2018 will be a big year for recruitment, and current trends can only grow and change, as evidenced by the great leaps and advances in technology and utilisation of psychometrics. To get the most of their processes and talent, innovative recruiters should stay ahead of the curve and harness the potential of technology, as well as check in with their current compliance practices. Originally published by Bowen Eldridge Recruitment.