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06 Mar How to..

The A-Z of Resume Writing

The average employer spends just six seconds scanning a CV before deciding if a candidate is the right fit for a role. So what can you do to make your CV stand out from the crowd? In this two minute video Emma from FuturePeople reveals just that. Taking an A-Z approach, Emma whips through 26 ways to create a great CV, from the importance of using bullet points and losing those grammar mistakes to creating a great structure, keeping it professional, being specific, choosing active verbs and – who would have thought – being honest

Top of the temps

Linda Simonsen, CEO & Founder of FuturePeople, started her career as a temp. Here she shares some fundamental insights and tips on how any temp can get ahead and build a strong career. These begin with five basic pieces of advice on how to behave in the workplace and build into insights on how to shine as a temp and use it as a springboard for your career. Setting goals is key but so too is projecting confidence, asking for feedback and being a positive team player.

How to ace a job interview

Did you know there are five basic ways to make a great first impression? Or that the last two minutes of an interview can make or break your chances of scoring a job? In this two minute video the team at FuturePeople share vital tips on how to ace a job interview. Included are the five secrets to making a great first impression, how to prepare for an interview, what to wear (and not to wear) to an interview, how to answer behavioural-based questions and how to leave a strong and positive lasting impression.