HR as talent finder: only 28% of managers test for leadership in recruitment, new report shows

04 Nov HR as talent finder: only 28% of managers test for leadership in recruitment, new report shows

Even though the vast majority of Australian contact centres function as talent pools for the broader organisation, less than a third of managers actually test for leadership potential in the recruitment process.

Our new report, Looking to the Future: The 2013 Contact Centre Trend, Salary & Leadership Report reveals the numbers:

– 97% of contact centre managers say their centre functions as a talent pool for the broader organisation
– And 63% of managers recruit with this in mind


– Only 28% of managers actually test for leadership talent during the recruitment process.

In addition, the majority of methods contact centres use to identify talent post-hire – employee observation, management meetings, role plays – are informal rather than formal.

“This clearly shows that contact centres are vastly under-testing on leadership potential at the recruitment stage,” says Linda Simonsen, FuturePeople CEO and founder.

“It’s one of the reasons we’ve further developed our contact centre specific assessment services to include options for identifying future leadership talent, pre-hire.”

This need to adopt a ‘recruitment science’ approach is something backed by Josh Bersin, the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

“These days there is a lot of talk about BigData in HR. And it’s a good thing: there is a science to people management, and the more data we have about people the easier it becomes to make critical people decisions… in an era of “new science of HR” – prehire assessments are among the easiest way to apply this science to your organisation.”

Bersin also makes the case for the HR manager as talent finder, in Bersin’s Predictions for 2013 report.

“The new HR organisation… is focused on leadership development, talent assessment and culture; and, it has a firm grasp on the business’s current talent and future needs.”