21 Dec

Future-Proof Business Practices for 2018

Emerging recruitment trends are reverberating around the globe, with technology, marketing and cyber security making waves worldwide. That’s why Bowen Eldrige Recruitment recently canvassed recruitment leaders around the world for their thoughts on 2018 Recruitment Trends. Linda Simonsen, CEO of FuturePeople, was able to comment on...

21 Dec

Are you ready for recruitment in 2018?

2017 saw a great deal of change in the world of work. From the rise of funky office spaces; to increased workplace flexibility; and the growing mindfulness movement that calls for employees to slow down and de-stress; it’s plain to see that the rigidity of...

28 Nov

Understanding your temperament in the workplace

A variety of personalities and temperaments can sometimes cause disagreements and challenges at work. Yet diversity actually creates a great balance in the workplace, boosting innovation, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Learning how to understand and appreciate your own temperament is key to contributing positively...