Detailed research, meaningful outcomes

As leaders, FuturePeople engage with a number of stakeholders on an annual basis, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry trends and development. Our reports aim to provide a benchmark of where your organisation and your employees sit on the playing field. By delving into our insights, you will be guided towards success.

Recruitment Trends Report 2017

The report canvasses the views of more than 200 executives to provide the latest opportunities, challenges and strategies for today’s HR and recruitment leaders to adapt to disruption in Industry 4.0 and the Gig Economy.

Emotional Intelligence Report 2016

At FuturePeople, we believe higher engagement underpinned by Emotional Intelligence (EI) is part of the solution and needs to be high on the agenda. Engagement needs to be championed at all levels of government and within enterprise. That’s why we are leading an engagement movement to get the dialogue started – The Heartonomics™ Movement.

Heartonomics Report 2015

The results of our 2015 industry report suggest that there is a gap between conversation and reality when it comes to employee and customer engagement.  Recruitment, attrition and leadership continue to remain as the biggest challenges. Harnessing emotional intelligence and linking employee and customer engagement is the key to getting ahead.

The Flexibility Report 2013

The results of Australia’s first contact centre flexibility survey. Includes why flexibility in the contact centre environment is the key to attract and retain talent, and how to improve effectiveness and the bottom line.

The contact centre trend, salary & leadership report 2013

Learn what your peers are doing in leadership development, which industry trends will dominate in the future, and the remuneration benchmarks in all the key contact centre roles.

The contact centre trend, salary & leadership report 2012

Covering the secret to happy staff, understanding jobseekers and a salary spotlight. Including who’s earning what, this report gives you an insight into how to avoid the costs of high staff turnover and drive profit.