CEO, Linda Simonsen, travels to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

30 May CEO, Linda Simonsen, travels to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

This week, Founder and CEO of FuturePeople, Linda Simonsen, is travelling to Sir Richard Branson’s exclusive private retreat, Necker Island, in the Caribbean. She will be joined by 33 other entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world for the think tank, named Change Makers Rule Breakers.

Held in beautiful and serene surroundings, Change Makers Rule Breakers aims to inspire change and collaboration. It’s based on the philosophy that great minds and experiences can ignite great ideas with social, environment and economic impact.

“I’m excited and humbled to be a part of this adventure, spending time on Sir Richard Branson’s private retreat – a place intentional in its purpose to help people dream big and be open to opportunities and positive change,” Ms Simonsen said.

Throughout the week, Linda will present FuturePeople’s new ‘Emotional Fitness’ digital learning solution to the other change makers and Branson himself, advocating the need to place engagement and emotional resilience high on the global agenda.

“Prioritising how people feel is the new ‘secret sauce’ for business success. I can’t wait to discuss FuturePeople’s new ‘Emotional Fitness’ digital learning solution as a key way to enhance both employee and customer engagement,” she said.
Ms Simonsen believes that a key reason why Richard Branson has made such an impressive global impact with Virgin is by placing ‘people power’ at the heart of organisational strategy.

“From Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Mobile, each of Branson’s ventures share a people-centric approach. Branson clearly holds employees and customers at the very core of his company’s philosophy – something we live and breathe every day at FuturePeople.”

Ms Simonsen will also discuss FuturePeople’s Heartonomics® philosophy, which places engagement at the heart of the organisational strategy to significantly enhance performance.

Watch FuturePeople’s Heartonomics video below.