Recruitment Trends Report 2017/2018

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The Recruitment Trends Report 2017/2018 is a first-of-its-kind thought leadership industry initiative.

This report delivers insights on the current state-of-play in the employment space, with a focus on technology and disruption. This industry initiative aims to consolidate and aggregate the core recruitment challenges, issues and opportunities faced by CEOs, HR, talent acquisition and development leaders in organisations across Australia. The report will arm organisations with the strategies to overcome challenges in an increasingly digital world.



Top 6 insights from the report

1. Leaders view recruitment as a ‘quick fix’.

A shortsighted view of recruitment is holding leaders back from getting future-ready. Leaders are hiring candidates as quickly as possible instead of investing in talent for the long haul.

2. Organisations lacking innovation in talent acquisition.

Organisations are struggling to innovate in the areas of recruitment . 1 in 2 leaders have not changed their recruitment strategy over the last 12 months

3. Leaders struggling to adapt to the Gig Economy.

Millennials are demanding more flexible work practices and expecting a career structured by ‘gigs’. Yet only 9 per cent of leaders are adapting to employee demand and hiring in the short-term.

4. Power of technology not yet harnessed.

Organisations are not yet leveraging the power of technology to enhance recruitment processes. 86 per cent of leaders still rely on behavioural interviews and are not harnessing big data.

5. Emotional Intelligence (EI) not a top priority.

Despite the clear link between Emotional Intelligence (EI), higher performance and enhanced customer engagement, only 20 per cent of leaders are recruiting for EI.

6.  Diversity urgently needs to be top of mind.

Diversity is an alarmingly low priority as a measure of recruitment success. To promote equality and social inclusion in the workplace, industries need to ensure diversity is top of mind.

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Recruitment Trends Report

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