Leading with the heart to deliver business outcomes

We have a unique approach to achieving extraordinary engagement for our clients: Heartonomics™. Our science-based Heartonomics™ model is all about harnessing Emotional Intelligence (EI) to deliver deeper engagement with employees and customers. We deliver higher customer engagement by driving deeper employee engagement, which translates to enhanced bottom line performance.

It’s a 5 step process, as follows:

Phase 1 – Diagnose and Assess

We diagnose and assess the state of both employee and customer engagement,  identifying opportunities for ‘experience’ improvement at various touch points. This informs our recommendations for how you should recruit differently and which soft skills to develop in front line employees and their leaders. We develop a ‘Psychological Profile’ of top performing front line employees and their managers, which includes the EQ required for top performance.

Phase 2 – Design

We tailor a talent engagement strategy, including recruitment, development and employee engagement initiatives, for front line employees and their managers, to drive customer engagement by enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EI). We align customer and employee engagement strategies to enable you to access the ‘Triple Bottom Line’.

Phase 3 – Test

The interventions developed in Phase 2 are tested with pilot groups in each front line business unit, measuring the impact on business and customer outcomes. Our interventions enhance employee engagement and customer experience. We examine the stakeholder experience prior to roll out and the impact of interventions on performance, including how they maximise efficiency, sales and productivity.

Phase 4 –Deliver (Implementation)

Delivery and implementation happen after the engagement of stakeholders, which is required to drive the success of interventions.

Internal communications are set-up to support the changes being implemented. The education of key stakeholders makes interventions more impactful. The overall aim of deliverance is the integration of interventions with existing internal processes to maximise efficiency.

Phase 5 – Measure

After delivering targeted solutions, we engage with you on an ongoing basis, measuring the impact of the Heartonomics™ Methodology on your business at 6 monthly intervals, for a period of 2 years.

Some of the areas we will work with you to measure include:

Employee engagement levels

Customer engagement levels

Enhanced customer experience and sales results

Employee and customer attrition and saved costs to the business

Bottom line performance