Develop higher engagement, be inspired

At FuturePeople, we help organisations improve their results by recruiting and developing employees and leaders with the Emotional Quotient required to engage.

Based on extensive industry research, our Heartonomics® Development program develops the new suite of emotional competencies required to perform in this new world, where organisational success is determined by the way we make people feel; by taking an organisation and its employees on a journey to mastering engagement

Starting with emotional fitness, moving to developing engagement techniques and then focused on delivering sustained performance through mastery, Heartonomics® delivers the triple bottom line of increased Employee Engagement, increased Customer Engagement, and a boost to business results.


Programs to support employees and leaders in developing their emotional fitness at work and in life.

Get fit

Programs to enhance both customer and employee engagement to create loyal brand ambassadors.

Engage more

Accelerate performance of employees and leaders by honing influencing and leadership skills.

Perform better

Create sustainable behavioural change & performance gains via targeted interventions.

Ingrain ability