Engagement goes straight to the bottom line

The best organisations don’t get there by chance. They understand the link between highly engaged employees, customer advocacy and bottom line performance. Having the right staff, fully engaged and performing at their best is integral.

Our Heartonomics™ model identifies the 4 key features needed to engage employees and customers, and achieve measurable results. Engaged employees lead to great interactions and engaged customers, which in turn leads to profit.

Recruiting, Developing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the key to harnessing more engaged employees and customers, and enhanced performance.

Our Heartonomics™ consulting methodology aligns your people strategy with your customer strategy, to unlock the hidden value in your organisation. We assess all aspects of the business, with no channel left untouched and craft a solution to enhance engagement using Emotional Intelligence.

By quantifying engagement, using our EQ³ approach, we provide the business case for investing in engagement. We then work with you to develop your engagement strategy and implement initiatives, both recruitment and development, which enable you to access the Triple Bottom Line.

Emotional Intelligence underpins all that we do and the way that we engage with your organisation.

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Helping you design your people strategy

Our consultative methodology ensures that we assess all aspects of  the ‘experience’ of your brand, from both an employee and customer viewpoint, with no channel left untouched. From front line employee recruitment, development and engagement, right through to leadership talent identification, development and engagement, we partner with you to build on what works for you specifically. By quantifying engagement, using our EQ3 approach, we work with you to develop a process your in-house talent team can deliver or fully outsource to us. By helping you access triple bottom line, we enable you  to uncover the hidden potential in your organisation. Discover the key to your organisations performance with FuturePeople today.