Recruiting with EI to enhance engagement

Recruiting talent with the propensity to be engaged, capability to perform and motivation to strive, is crucial to an organisation’s success. Yet it remains one of the greatest challenges for many companies.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is linked to employee engagement, customer engagement, and enhanced organisational performance. Recruiting for and with EI builds organisational engagement capability, internally and externally. Coupled with the latest in culture and role fit assessments and powered by leading edge technology, FuturePeople’s emotionally intelligent recruitment solutions represent your competitive edge.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your internal recruitment capability, outsource your recruitment or simply access the best talent to engage your customers, FuturePeople’s emotionally intelligent recruitment solutions will improve your workplace performance.

We have a 16 year track record designing innovative recruitment solutions for Australia’s leading employers and a slew of awards behind us to assure you of best practice.

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